Who said squash wasn’t a dangerous sport?

I’ve been trying different activities each day this week:

Kayaking,cycling,walking,running and today was squash with Christian. It’s the first time in probably a year that we’ve played.

Final score 3-9 to Christian. Somewhere in the 2nd game I must have slipped and ended up falling to the floor and head butting the back wall resulting in a small cut to the head/bump/bruise, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, sore muscle at top of leg and two bruised/scraped knees. I’m literally sore all over.





Dorney Reach

I haven’t been on my bicycle for more than 6 months so decided today’s activity would be a quick ride around Dorney Lake. Did 3 laps in about an hour or 13 miles. Definitely got some saddle sores but great to get back on the bike again and the weather was fantastic.