Ascot Christmas Fair

It’s that time of the year. The 2nd Xmas fair in two weeks. This time it was at Ascot Race Course. We got some free tickets thanks to one of the exhibitors. They send out complimentary tickets to regular customers.

On the way there I had to pick up some security equipment that had been advertised on freecycle. The equipment was in a large house just off the high street and I was expecting a couple of old CCTV cameras to use with my students as a home automation project but ended up with over a £1000 of equipment including two Opus MCU610 processors and several touch screen room controllers. Cant wait to try them all out.

The Christmas fair was the same layout as last year in the pavilion. You get free parking just across the road and then after a short queue you’re in. The decorations and gifts are upstairs and the food hall downstairs.

We popped downstairs for a spot of breakfast and bought some of our favourite chesses and chutneys from The Truckle Cheese Co. They always do us a deal on multibuys and they are definitely our favourite.

We bought a few food items:

Blue Shropshire Cheese, Chocolate Cheese, Mature Farmhouse Cheddar, Piccalilli, Pear & Vanilla Chutney, Spicy Strawberry & Caramelised Onion Chutney

Horseradish Mustard

Chocolate coated apple slices

Marzipan Roses


Christmas hunt for Snes Classic Mini

696304_gen_bSome time ago I ordered a retro console from Nintendo and they let me down badly. The console never arrived and then they said they had no more and I wouldn’t be receiving my order. Their customer service was certainly not apologetic, sympathetic or sincere in their dealings with me. Since then I have tried to avoid buying their products.

However they have started releasing some more retro remakes of classic Nintendo consoles and I wanted to purchase the Snes Classic Mini console at £79.99. Again, Nintendo have produced limited quantities and sell out with minutes of releasing any for sale. Its been the same story with other retailers like Argos and Games.

In the past I have used sites like to keep up to date with any stock held in the U.K but again no luck. Then I read an article saying that Game had some in stock but you couldn’t buy online but rather you needed to check their stores for stock using your postcode on their website. Tried this last night and it showed Bracknell had a limited stock. I thought this was bound to be a mistake but called their store today and was able to reserve the last one for collection. Had to ask the boss to leave early (was honest about why) and made my way to Bracknell expecting them to say it had gone or they had made a mistake but when I walked in they were just about to close and to my delight they handed me the console. One happy Snes Classic Mini owner and for the RRP of £79.99 and not the hiked prices sellers on sites like Ebay are asking.

If you want one, go to the Game website and then on the right hand side, look for the ‘Want it today? Check your local store for stock then pop in’ 

Screenshot 2017-11-28 18.38.11

and then enter your postcode and search local stores. Good luck. I will post a review of mine when I get time to open it and play. Its like Christmas!


Xmas Cake 2017

Just started to make my Christmas Cake from an old recipe in the 1969 Frankly feminine book, part of a set of Encyclopaedia International. This book makes me laugh. It is a guide for women in the 1960’s including dressmaking, cooking for a husband and family, health issues and even sex advice. I just like some of the recipes at the back of the book. The punch recipe I still make today with a little modern twist.


My first 4dFX film

We went to Cineworld today in Bracknell to see the new Justice League film. The new Bracknell shopping centre is certainly much better than the old one. Cineworld was clean and well equipped compared to the empire cinema in Slough. There is no comparison really except for price. The 4d tickets cost £18.10 including the online booking fee.

You get to sit in a row of four seats which move around in sync with the action on screen, there are fans to blow air in your face, small air jest in the seat that blow on your head and feet, smells and finally jets and sprays of water.

We were quite surprised at how strong the motion was on the chairs. In the action scenes you really get shaken around and there are thump pads in the back of seats that punch you in the back.

Really enjoyed the film and the added 4D although expensive was well worth the money.

Cant wait until the next film.