Aaaaggghhhh – our third cat

Our little dog thinks she’s a cat?


Xbox One X Project X Controller Repair

Went to use my Xbox One X Project Scorpio wireless controller yesterday only to find the bottom right joystick was not working, loose and felt like it was not attached properly inside. I have no idea how it happened but contacted Amazon technical support to get a replacement controller.

The support person said they couldn’t offer a replacement as they no longer stocked this limited edition item and offered me a full refund for the whole console if we sent it back. I explained my reluctance to do this and they counter offered a new standard controller.

Whilst debating the merits of the two solutions, I came across a website with videos on how to dismantle the controller so I followed the instructions and soon had the controller apart and could now see the broken joystick clearly.

The electronics look the same as the standard controller, its just the limited edition case that’s different. So I accepted Amazons offer of a new controller and also ordered a replacement joystick from a seller on Ebay.

The new controller arrived today and I quickly took it apart and swapped the shells over, leaving me with a now working limited edition controller. I didn’t notice that the A,B,X,Y buttons are also different colours and cant seem to swap these over. So when the new joystick arrives, I will attempt to solder the new one into the controller. If this works then I will swap everything back again and all’s well.