Build Your Own R2-D2 by Deagostini Issue 66

This is the final issue on the dome for the moment.

Another 6 plastic dome screws:

Fit the projector assembly:


Fit the distribution board:


Build Your Own R2-D2 by Degostini Issue 65

Issue 65 continues to build the dome.

Insert another 6 plastic screws using the allen key.


Fit the lens cover in the open hole remembering to line up the tabs again.

Install the projector parts and the dome details:

Fit the three cable clips using screws:



Build Your Own R2-D2 by Deagostini Issue 64

WARNING: Don’t try starting this build at 9.00pm after a day at the beach and without your glasses.

There’s quite a few steps to this one. This was by far the longest build yet. Total build time for me was more than an hour.

Firstly collect all the parts from previous issues as per the instructions:

Using a long screw, fit the lid to the hinge and then attach the hinged panel to the dome:

Now fit the dome:


Break the plastic spacers from their holder


Place the spacers over the screw holes and insert screws



Carefully place the dome over the frame


At this point you are asked to check the flap opens easily. Mine keeps catching. After some fettling I managed to ease it up but its still not quite right and will some adjustment later on. I’m not going to worry until the frame and dome are more secured.


Using the supplied allen key, drive the plastic screws into place to secure the panels. IMG_0845IMG_0846

Fit the lens into the hole and locate it into the lug.


Using two screws, secure the display over the lens cover


Use two screws to secure the function display.




Build Your Own R2-D2 by Deagostini Issue 63

More dome panels!

You need a little super glue for this issue.

Use the strips strips to secure the two dome panels to the top of the dome. There should be just one gap remaining now.

Using two small drops of superglue, glue the silver ring into the blue disc and test fit into the top of the dome.


Build Your Own R2-D2 by Deagostini Issue 62


Time to fit some more dome panels. Note that two of the dome panels to fit were supplied in previous issues. Build time 10 minutes as these can be a little fiddly sometimes. Use the sticky strips supplied and press the dome panels into place.

Then three dome panels at the top of the dome. Again, fit the sticky strips and then press the panels into place.


Next to fit the camera and projector mounts using the short and long screws with nuts supplied in issue 61:


I’ve tried to include a few images to show the fitting for the mounts:



Build Your Own R2-D2 by Deagostini Issue 61

Build time took just 3-4 minutes. I cant believe how find behind I am with this. Look at how many issues are waiting to be built. Still, they don’t take long.




Attach two more dome panels with glue strips:


Fit the two plastic plugs into the leg from issue 60:


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