Eagle Magazine 4th December 1982

We went to our usual Taplow car boot sale on Sunday 16th September. There wasn’t much to buy although I cam across a pile of Eagle comics from the 80’s. Debbie asked the seller how much and he replied £2.50 each or £50 for the lot (26 in total). I was only interested in the top one as it was advertising some 80’s computers and games. I thought the price was a bit steep and we carried on walking around the car boot sale.



On the way back around for the 2nd time, there was a different man at the stall and we asked him the price again and were told £2.50 for the whole lot. We quickly picked up all of them, handed over the money and continued. On Ebay they can easily sell for £2-3 each. They are generally in good condition but its fascinating reading them and the articles on what was happening in the 80’s, computers, games and predictions for what the future might bring.

In this issue, they discuss the release of ET several months after it was released in the U.S, an article about using wave power to generate electricity, an entrepreneur who is going to develop a smaller shuttle spacecraft that could be carried on a Boeing 747, the impending release of the Philips CD (it might replace vinyl in the future!), a company making talking books (that will never catch on), Airfix models, the Intellivision console and games, the Atari 2600 and games, Big Daddy and Subbuteo

An 80’s retro fest. Cant wait to look at the rest.


Build Your Own R2D2 by Deagostini Issue 86

Another big build this issue. Build time about 15-20 minutes including reading the steps in the magazine as you go along.


First step, build the tool arm..



You cant see it clearly in these pictures but I managed to put the screw into my fingers twice causing them to bleed. ouuuccchhhh!


Fit the arm to the tool compartment…


Fit the tool compartment door to the tool compartment..


Install the tool compartment to the side panel..


Now, join the three side panels together to make one half of R2D2…


All done.. One more issue and i’m all caught up!

Build your own R2D2 by Deagostini Issue 84

This was another issue that took about 30 minutes including some testing and a small problem.


Assemble the pivots firstly.


Assemble the clutch.


Assemble the clutch linkage



Fit the arm assembly


Installing the arms…



Fit the motor


Use the Test PCB assembly again and use the buttons to open and close the arms. When I did this at first, the arms were not properly opening. I took the assembly apart again and rebuilt ensuring the clutch was properly positioned and the 2nd attempt all went well.



R2D2 by Deagostini Issue 83

This was another more involved issue and took about 15 minutes to build and test.


Assemble the tool compartment.


Fit the tool compartments


Install the ultrasonic sensors.


Test the sensors by connecting them to the Test PCB’s


Testing the sensors using the Test PCB. The green LED should light up and when you block the sensor should go out.

Finally, fit the sensor panel to the body panel and you’re all done.